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Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection helps companies manage and mitigate the financial and, often complex and emotional, impact of sickness absence. 

Good work is good for business, good for society and good for individuals

Good work provides a sense of purpose, achievement and social interaction. Sometimes illness or injury means an employee can’t work for some time, MetLife’s Group Income Protection can pay a replacement income so that the employee needn’t worry about their finances whilst not working.

Personalised return to work pathways

Tailored return to work support can help minimise absence duration and even prevent an absence becoming long term in the first place. Group Income Protection is designed to be flexible to any company’s needs and budgets, and companies of all sizes benefit from the support services we provide.

Help employees to be healthier and happier

  • Employees receive percentage of their monthly salary to provide them with a level of income if they are unable to work through long-term illness or injury*
  • Wellbeing Hub provides health and wellbeing services, including confidential counselling services and support for line managers in dealing with day to day workplace issues
  • Insight reports help pinpoint any risks and issues with employee health and wellbeing
  • Responsive, empathetic return to work support services can prevent an absence becoming a claim

* Benefit is paid to the employer to pass to the employee through payroll

Employer Hub

Tools to support you with the health and wellbeing of your workforce and dealing with employee absences

Find out more about Group Income Protection

Employees feel valued and supported. Group Income Protection provides employees with an income so they don't have to rely on state benefits. 

Helps engage employees in wellbeing. All employees get access to our complimentary Wellbeing Hub. From help with daily challenges like childcare to complex issues like debt management and mental health support, everyone can benefit. For examples of how our Wellbeing Hub can help, watch our videos.

One of the most powerful ways to transform employee wellbeing and help minimise absence is through insights into your business.  That’s why we can provide data reports generated by interactions with the Wellbeing Hub, enabling you to see where issues are and take action to address them. Our Client Relationship Managers will work with you and provide these as part of your support programme.

Engaging a workforce in healthy living can bring widespread benefits including fewer absences, greater motivation and increased productivity. Our Wellbeing Hub provides free, confidential health and wellness services 24/7 and is based on two key services: 

Online Portal – a web-based wellbeing service with access to articles, webinars, support guides, videos and four week programmes. Also available as an intuitive App. 

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) – a confidential, 24 hour freephone helpline for employees and their families*.

*Members of your family in your household means the spouse or partner and any brother, sister, parent, legal dependents (except children under the age of 16) who are living in the same household as the employee; and any children or legal dependents of an employee who do not live in the employee’s household and are aged 16 to 21, living in the UK and are in full-time education.

Included within the Wellbeing Hub is a special service available for line managers, helping them to discuss challenges in confidence, including:  

  • Addressing a performance or absence issue
  • How to deliver bad or difficult news
  • Coping with change such as a team restructure
  • Dealing with harassment or discrimination.

Managers also have access to a referral programme that allows employers to provide additional support for their managers. This can be useful if: 

  • They are worried about their mental health
  • They have mentioned work stress 
  • They have identified significant work-related issues

Group Income Protection (GIP) helps companies manage and mitigate the financial and, often complex and emotional, impact of sickness absence. The good news is there are many options to consider to best suit employers.

Read more on GIP made easy, tailoring Income Protection packages for small businesses and small plans covering 100 employees or fewer.

With many still finding it a difficult shift moving to home working and far removed from their office and daily routine, MetLife, in partnership with Health Claims Bureau Group (HCB), are offering a new complimentary service ‘Connected at Home’.

Available to clients with a MetLife Group Income Protection policy and offered at no additional cost, our new support service, ‘Connected at Home’, offers each employer the opportunity to reach 5 members of staff they feel would benefit from personal support from the team at HCB. Employers can support their staff at home by ensuring all is well and identifying potential issues (including physical or mental health problems) early. This offer is available until 31st March 2021.

MetLife’s Clinical Pathways help employees suffering from musculoskeletal, mental health or Long COVID access the help they need to manage their illness, get better and return to work. Each pathway has been designed by clinicians to provide the right support at the right time and to help employees to get better, faster.

Pathways can provide employees with clinical assessments, access to treatments, counsellors and consultants, and other aspects of support, dependant on the employee’s needs.

Find out more about each clinical pathway here