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Our Culture

Our culture and commitment to building strong global values worldwide have helped us become one of the world’s leading life insurance and employee benefit providers. 

  • Put Customers First - Caring for and respecting customers is at the core of everything we do. It defines our work and shapes our culture, radiating out to our shareholders and communities. 
  • Be the Best - We are relentless in our search for new and better ways of doing things. As a leader in our industry, we constantly raise the bar with our innovation and dedication to our customers.
  • Make Things Easier - Products in our industry aren’t always easy to understand. That’s why we are always looking for simpler ways to connect customers to the best solutions. 
  • Succeed Together - We live by a collective commitment to honesty, integrity and diversity. We are open and inclusive, taking and applying the best ideas from every part of our company.
Customer centric values

We have a strong culture of collaboration in the UK where teams work cohesively together to achieve shared goals. We welcome a culture of open and honest feedback to deliver for each other and our customers. These are underpinned by our customer centric values.

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Diversity and Inclusion

At MetLife, we are committed to Diversity and Inclusion.

Our vision is to foster an inclusive culture that leverages the contributions of associates with many backgrounds and perspectives to drive growth and profitability wherever we do business in the global marketplace.

UK Gender Pay Gap

MetLife is proud to have a diverse and inclusive culture, and pay equity is integral to the way we do business.

We are committed to attracting, retaining, and optimising the performance of our diverse workforce, to best meet the needs of our customers.

Download UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Download UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Discover more about the Women in Finance Charter
Women in Finance Charter

MetLife in the UK have made a pledge for gender balance across Financial Services by signing up to the Women in Finance Charter.

This is a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair industry.  Firms that sign up to this Charter are pledging to be the best businesses in the sector.

In 2016 the government commissioned a review into the representation of women in senior managerial roles in financial services. This work complements the government’s wider programme of work to tackle gender inequality and support women in the workplace.

Financial services is the highest paid sector in the UK economy, where the gender salary gap for full-time employees is at its most stark. This review looked at the issue of unequal gender representation in the financial services sector that worsens as employees rise into more senior positions.

The review, ‘Empowering Productivity: Harnessing the talents of women in financial services’ was published on 22 March 2016, and makes four recommendations to industry to improve gender diversity in financial services, which have received widespread support from the sector.

Our Commitment

In 2019 we have committed to the following milestones:


  • Female representation for every role advertised
  • 100% unbiased resourcing practices, including: equal opportunities; gender mixed agencies; mix of male and female assessors; recruitment training for hiring managers



  • Maintain of 50/50 split of male and female employees within UK Branch
  • Maintain 50% women leaders at GG13 and above within UK Branch



  • Maintain 50% women in Exec-1 Accelerate and Progression Talent
  • Target of 50/50 split of male/female attendance at developmental events and training


Please click here to see our 2018 commitments and results.