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MetLife Academy

The Academy is a digital educational hub where you can grow your understanding of the Group Risk market, gain knowledge and insight, and provide greater intelligence to your clients.

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Enhancing knowledge and sharing insights

Designed by our industry experts, the Academy aims to help you learn about the foundations of the group risk industry. 

It’s been built to help you develop and grow in your career, learn about the market, or provide greater intelligence to your clients. 

The foundations of group risk

Covering group risk products, policy terms and conditions, the quote process, risk factors and much more.  

Our introductory module, Products and Insights, launches first. But as it grows, the Academy will provide everything you need to know to learn about the market and support your clients.

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Products and Insights

In Products and Insights you will learn about the size of market and its core products, trend insights and market dynamics, plus deep dives into each of the market’s core products.


Technical Product Detail

Now we know the basics, it’s time to get into the detail. In this section, we’ll cover policy terms and conditions, extensions of cover, registered, excepted and single life relevant life policies and master trusts.


Adding Value

In this section we look at how claims and additional value-added services provide benefits to their customers with service excellence and products that can help serve employee needs. We also address elements of the quote process and how you can add value through understanding the requirements of the insurer to build accurate quotes.


Risk Factors

We’ve understood the products, we know the details behind them, and we’ve learnt about how insurers add value, but what about risk factors? In this section, we look at different types of risk factors and what that means for insurers.


Product and Insight

Group Risk in Numbers

  • Learn the size of the market 
  • How each product performs 
  • Market trends

Key Group Risk Products

  • Understand the 3 main products 
  • Learn what each product does
  • The benefits for each product 

Delivering the Insurance Promise

  • What is the promise of insurance? 
  • The benefits of group insurance 
  • Employer-paid or employee paid options 

What is Group Income Protection?

  • Greater detail on income protection 
  • Flexible cover options 
  • How income protection supports the employee 

What is Group Life?

  • Greater detail on group life 
  • Common product features 
  • Beyond the policy 


What is Group Critical Illness?

  • How the cover works
  • The conditions covered
  • Policy details

7 Trends in Group Life Pricing

  • Understand what’s driving pricing
  • See how things have changed in 2022
  • A trends infographic

6 Trends in Group Income Protection Pricing

  • How GIP pricing works
  • Understand what’s driving pricing
  • A trends infographic

A Glossary of Group Risk Terms

  • Understand the terms you need to know
  • Important links
  • Our jargon buster download

Technical Product Detail


What is Free Cover Limit?

  • Understand the purpose behind free cover limits
  • Why the size of FCLs matter
  • Negotiating FCLS


Extensions to Cover

  • Four types of cover extensions
  • The policies they work with
  • How they work


What is the Definition of Actively at Work?

  • Definition of actively at work
  • Actively at work for GIP
  • Obtaining a snapshot of risk


A Quick Guide to Medical Underwriting

  • When and what is required
  • How insurers obtain information
  • What the employee needs to know


What is a Master Trust?

  • Understand what a master trust is
  • How master trusts work
  • How master trusts support businesses

Types of Group Life Arrangement

  • Understand the 3 types of arrangement
  • Explore the benefits and arrangements of each
  • Comparisons between arrangement types

Adding Value

How an Employee Benefit Quote Works

  • Understand the quote process
  • The type of information needed by insurers
  • How that information is utilised

How to Calculate a Basic Premium for Employee Benefits

  • How base rates are used in basic premium calculations
  • Group Life base rate data
  • Group Income Protection base rate data

How to Assess Group Life Claims

  • The 4 simple steps in the Group Life claims process
  • The challenges within those 4 steps
  • How understanding the steps enables the delivery of good customer service

Challenges to Group Life Claims

  • Understand why we see claims challenges in Group Life
  • The 6 main challenges we see
  • How we overcome those challenges

How Claims Assessors Manage Employee Benefits Claims

  • Explore the 6 key skills required by claims assessors
  • How organisations can deliver on the promise of insurance
  • How claims assessors shape the claims experience

Navigating Purpose

  • Latest research shows the importance of purpose 
  • Helps employers understand evolving employee needs 
  • Rich insight to inform your conversations 

How to Assess Group Income Protection Claims

  • How insurers assess Group Income Protection claims
  • The importance of early notification
  • Moving from rehabilitation to return to work


What Challenges do Insurers See with Group Income Protection Claims?

  • The 6 main challenges insurers see with Group Income Protection claims
  • Why insurers see those challenges
  • How insurers overcome the challenges

How Group Life Supports in Attracting and Retaining Talent

  • Explore the importance of value-added services
  • Understand How do they work with Group Life?
  • What is available through Group Life?

Group Income Protection: Value-Added Services That Support Employee Health

  • Understand why value-added services are fundamental to GIP
  • Explore how these services benefit your clients
  • View a typical clinical pathway

Risk Factors


How to Calculate a Burn Rate

  • Understand what a burn rate is
  • See how it’s used by insurers
  • Learn how to calculate a burn rate

Occupation and Location Risk Factors for Employee Benefits

  • Explore how risk factors influence pricing
  • Understand the types of occupational risk factors
  • Learn the types of location risk factors

Claims Experience Risk Factors for Employee Benefits

  • Learn how claims history influences pricing
  • See the types of claims risk factors for Group Life products
  • Understand Group Income Protection risk factors

What is Split Insurance?

  • Understand what split insurance is
  • See why it matters to customers
  • Learn why it happens


What does Concentration of Risk Mean?

  • Understand what concentration of risk means
  • Learn about catastrophe limits
  • How this affects insurance cover

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