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Information for Financial Advisers


Information for Financial Advisers

Cover so simple, a child could use it​

Until now, parents have needed to take out a policy for themselves if they want to protect their children.​But we know that’s not always an option.​That’s why we’ve launched ChildShield - a standalone child protection product that can complement other protection products. ​And because it’s not an add-on to existing policies, you don’t need any other policy to apply for cover.​ It means many more people can take out cover for their children.​​ For more information take a look below to understand more about ChildShield and how it might help your clients​.

Interactive Product Brochure

Our easy to browse ChildShield brochure is ready to share with prospective clients.​

ChildShield Policy Terms & Conditions

To fully understand what ChildShield covers, read the product terms and conditions​.

Key Facts Policy Summary and Additional Important Policy Information

For information about what ChildShield covers as well as the main exclusions and limitations​.


ChildShield Sales Process guide

Our Sales Process guide outlines the types of customer ChildShield can help and how you can identify them​

MyMetLife Adviser portal training

Do you need help with ChildShield or the new MyMetLife portal?

How to contact us

Call customer services: 0800 917 0100 (option 1)
To register a new claim:
 0800 917 0100 (option 2)
For ongoing claims:
 0800 917 0100 (option 3)
Email us:
Write to us:
 Protection Customer Service, MetLife, MetLife, PO Box 1411, Sunderland, SR5 9RB
Opening Hours:
 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. We are not open on Bank Holidays.