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Change Your Policy ​Details

If you’re an EverydayProtect or MortgageSafe customer, you can make certain changes and updates without having to call us. Please see below how to change your address, your name, and how to restart a lapsed Direct Debit.

Amending your policy

If you’re currently having difficulty paying your monthly premiums, we may be able to help you reduce the cost of your cover while retaining some protection.

To discuss reducing the cost of your payments or cancelling your policy, email us at, or speak to our Customer Service team directly on 0800 917 0100.

Change your address

Change of name form

Direct Debit restart form

If you want to set up a new Direct Debit on an existing policy, please use the ‘Amend your bank details’ form above.

If you want to set up a Direct Debit to pay for a policy that isn’t in your name, please email us at