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Our Culture

For more than 145 years, our global values have guided us to operate as ‘One MetLife’ and to become the world’s leading global life insurance and employee benefits company.
  • Put Customers First - Caring for and respecting customers is at the core of everything we do. It defines our work and shapes our culture, radiating out to our shareholders and communities. 
  • Be the Best - We are relentless in our search for new and better ways of doing things. As a leader in our industry, we constantly raise the bar with our innovation and dedication to our customers.
  • Make Things Easier - Products in our industry aren’t always easy to understand. That’s why we are always looking for simpler ways to connect customers to the best solutions. 
  • Succeed Together - We live by a collective commitment to honesty, integrity and diversity. We are open and inclusive, taking and applying the best ideas from every part of our company.
At MetLife, we are committed to Diversity and Inclusion

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At MetLife, pay equity is integral to the way we do business

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