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Find the missing pieces of a truly personalised protection portfolio with our range of individual protection products, each designed to cover the most important aspects of your clients’ lives. And because they can be tailored to individual needs, we can help protect more of your clients, together.

Tackling the cost of living

As the cost of living increases, your clients are finding new ways of meeting their financial commitments. Read our latest insights on how people are being affected, and how you can help.

The protection puzzle

Designed for you too

Our aim with both EverydayProtect and MortgageSafe is to build confidence. Not just in the lives of your clients, but for you too. We understand you need products that suit a variety of lifestyles and stages, and someone to provide them reliably. That’s where we come in.

Features you can count on

Your clients may live an active lifestyle, be a new family,

first-time homeowners, or self-employed. Whichever

product suits your client best, you can expect:

  • Adaptability to their individual circumstances
  • Flexible pricing and affordable solutions
  • Easy-to-understand benefits
  • A simple claims process
  • No or minimal health questions
  • Fast applications and commission payments
  • Accessible support throughout your journey

Who we cover

Our protection products are designed to fit flexibly around people’s lives, so you can be sure we cover your clients:

Everyday lives against accidents or hospitalisation, making sure they can still meet their regular expenses.

Home lives, helping make sure their mortgage repayments can be made should the unexpected occur.

Family lives, as we can protect children from everyday accidents.

Active lives in case of injury, so your clients can focus fully on their recovery.

We can help you solve the protection puzzle

We’re here to help you and your clients navigate life and build confidence for the future. Hear from other advisers about how we’ve supported them, and get a breakdown of the commercial benefits advisers can experience by working with MetLife.

Find out more

Simple and affordable accident and illness cover from MetLife to help your clients live the life they love.

Client fact-find

Client fact-find

Our fact-find document gives examples of the questions you could ask to uncover your clients’ protection needs, as well as the latest insight.

Commercial benefits guide

Commercial benefits guide

Find out what our advisers think about the real commercial benefits MetLife can bring to their business.

Discover EverydayProtect

The everyday individual protection policy that’s an essential addition to your portfolio.

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Discover MortgageSafe

The unique policy that can protect mortgage repayments in an affordable way.

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