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About MetLife

Everything customers need to understand the support they can receive from MetLife.

Supporting our customers, every step of the way

Ensuring our customers are safe and cared for, goes beyond providing insurance. Whilst we are dedicated to supporting families financially by paying claims, we also want to make sure their all-round wellbeing is being actively cared for so they can have the confidence to live the life they love.

That’s why we partner with Health Assured1, the UK and Ireland's largest employee assistance programme provider, who provide useful remote services which give customers access to qualified counsellors for in the moment support, legal advisors2 and registered nurses3 – all of whom can help with the everyday bumps in the road.

When a customer takes out EverydayProtect, they receive a welcome pack from us, which will include everything they need to start using the Wellbeing Support Centre immediately, giving them reassurance for the road ahead.

Please find below a handy flyer which illustrates the services available to your customer.

Why might someone need wellbeing support services?

The Wellbeing Support Centre

Customers receive free and unlimited access to our Wellbeing Support Centre, provided by Health Assured.

They can go online, access the app or call the telephone support line2 and speak to a counsellor for in the moment support, or a legal advisor3 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, covering a wide range of issues, such as:

- Family issues
Bereavement and probate
Childcare and eldercare
Emotional support
Managing debt
Tax issues

There are also additional educational and self help tools such as:

webinar library

Self-help webinar library

Focusing on topics such as parental mental health, healthy sleep patterns and money worries.

4 week programmes

4 week programmes

A range of proactive guides for example, quitting smoking, eating healthier or losing weight.

health check

Mini health checks

Short online questionnaires with recommended resources and tools to help manage health worries.

MetLife Individual Protection Advisers have access to the Wellbeing Support Centre

As a MetLife Individual Protection Adviser, you have access to MetLife’s Wellbeing Support Centre. So if something is affecting you and you’d like some support, you are able to access our wellbeing services for free.

Please speak to your Account Manager on how to access this service.

1. Wellbeing Support Centre is provided by Health Assured Limited (No.6314620) registered in England at the Peninsula, Victoria Place, Manchester M4 4FB.

2. Legal assistance is provided by non-professional legal advisors (with at least four (4) years’ study, having a law degree, Legal Practice Course ‘LPC’ qualification or Master’s degree in Law).

3. Nurses are unable to provide diagnosis of symptoms or prescribe medication, however can offer information on conditions and advise of the appropriate clinical pathway and support channels.