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Information for Financial Advisers


Information for Financial Advisers

Affordable, flexible mortgage repayment cover that can protect more clients

Whether your clients are first-time buyers or returning to the property market, it’s important for them to protect one of their most valuable assets; their home.

MortgageSafe is our accessible, flexible, affordable policy that can protect your client’s monthly mortgage repayments if they have an accident or are ill and can’t work, and so aren’t earning their usual income as a result.

There’s no underwriting on our accident-only policies, and our accident and illness policies are available for 12- or 24-months. What’s more, it can cover 110% of the monthly repayment value, up to a maximum of £1,500.

MortgageSafe quote calculator

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MortgageSafe case study video

Watch our video to see a real example of how MortgageSafe helped one of our customers when he injured his back and was signed off work.

Interactive Product Brochure

Our interactive MortgageSafe brochure is designed to be easy to screen share in virtual appointments. 

MortgageSafe Policy Terms & Conditions

For full details of MortgageSafe cover please read more here.


Key Facts Policy Summary and Additional Important Policy Information

For information about what MortgageSafe covers as well as the main exclusions and limitations.


Quick Summary

Simple, easy and affordable. Find out more with our quick one-page summary flyer.

Underwriting Guide

For Financial Advisers.

Use our underwriting guide to discover more about our quick and simplified approach.

MortgageSafe video

Watch this video to discover the main benefits MortgageSafe has to offer.


Our Claims Team are here to support families when they really need it.

Short underwriting journey video

Watch this video to understand the underwriting journey for Essential12 and Essential24 applications.

Product factsheet

Discover key product features and benefits with this one page factsheet.

How to contact us

Call customer services: 0800 917 0100 (option 1)
To register a new claim:
 0800 917 0100 (option 2)
For ongoing claims:
 0800 917 0100 (option 3)
Email us:
Write to us:
 Protection Customer Service, MetLife, MetLife, PO Box 1411, Sunderland, SR5 9RB
Opening Hours:
 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. We are not open on Bank Holidays.

MortgageSafe Sales Process guide

Our Sales Process guide outlines the types of customer MortageSafe can help, and how advisers can identify them.