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MetLife MultiProtect Resources

“Very impressed with the service and claims handling which ensured a speedy payout and a very satisfied policyholder. The excellent experience is something I share with prospective clients to let them know that insurance companies do actually pay out!” 
James Wiggett, Adviser

“My clients have been more than happy with the process resulting in glowing testimonials and further referrals from them. The MultiProtect policy is excellent and can be beneficial to many clients, in many different circumstances. I have had access to this plan for the last five years and not once has MetLife let me down in any shape or form."
Craig Jeffels, Adviser

“Thanks to you and your team for your help with some recent claims that have been paid out, very quickly and hassle free.”   
Joe Walters, Adviser

"One of our clients has recently claimed for a broken knee and received a pay out. To enable this to happen it only involved a form and a doctor’s report with payment received in less than three weeks. It comes with the added bonus that the client will be able to claim again should they need to."
Claire Nicholl, Adviser