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Our research and thought leadership drives future thinking and opportunities to support employee wellbeing. You can find our published reports and articles here.

Breaking the Menopause Taboo

The impact of women experiencing perimenopause, or the menopause can have a significant impact on their wellbeing and performance in the workplace. This sensitive topic affects so many, but our findings highlight a continued lack of awareness and the need for greater conversations.

How the Pandemic Has Shifted Attitudes Among Employees

With the world changing as much as it has, the most important thing to remember is this: employees are searching for a sense of belonging and employers that care for them as an individual. With the help of our latest research, you can start the conversation about how they can achieve this.

Mental Health and Stress: Building Employee Resilience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Up to 2.3 million people at any time are experiencing problems that affect the amount of paid work they can do, according to the Money and Mental Health Institute. This report sets out the causes of workplace stress, its impacts and the divergence in views between employees and employers on common challenges. It proposes practical solutions employers can implement, linking to benefits strategies and provision.

Watch UK Marketing Director Jo Elphick present Resilience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Science of Choice: Employee Financial Wellbeing and the Power of Behavioural Science

Our 2018 report saw us join forces with behavioural science expert Prasad Ramani to bring the latest insights on boosting employees’ financial wellbeing. Often, the issues employees face are harder to spot than physical or mental health.  However, understanding how we think is a must-do before putting strategies in place. The report features actionable tips your clients can use right now to help their employees.

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Employee Benefit Trends Study 2017

What are employees really thinking? And how can businesses meet their needs to unlock their productivity potential? This, and much more, is covered in our study, including the benefit trends that help employers plan for the future needs of employees.