Sports top the table as biggest cause of child broken bone claims

  • Sports was the biggest cause with one in four (25%) broken bone claims occurring playing sport, followed by falls in parks (21%), at school (15%) and at home (13%)
  • MetLife UK paid out 262 claims for Child broken bones in Q4
  • MetLife UK paid more than 4,600 claims in Q4, and over 16,500 (16,652) in 2021.

28th January 2022: New claims data from MetLife UK revealed sports was found to be the biggest cause of broken bones in children, with one in four children breaking a bone (25%), followed by falls outside of the home in parks (21%), falls at school (15%) and falls at home (13%). The rise in these injuries can in part be attributed to the easing of lockdown restrictions and many children returning to sports, social activities, and school.  MetLife UK paid out 262 claims for child broken bones injuries in Q4 2021 on its MultiProtect product.

Looking at the year in full, MetLife UK recorded 16,652 Accident & Health claims, an 11% increase on the previous year.  The overall rise in claims paid out is also largely as a result of the easing of lockdown restrictions and increased hospitalisations over the year due to illnesses.

Stuart Lewis, Head of Claims at MetLife, comments: “As a father of three, I often find myself on the side-lines at the weekend cheering my children on in their various sporting activities or just playing in the local park. I’m so glad to see them having fun with their friends after so many restrictions during the pandemic, but like most parents, I can’t help but worry about broken bones and sport related injuries.

“With restrictions easing and socialising on the table again at the end of last year, our findings show that many children picked up where they left off with their hobbies and sports clubs, but accidents have also ensued. Children aren’t alone either – we’ve seen an increase in claims across the board both in Q4 and 2021 more broadly as normality begins to ensue.  

“While the unexpected may always happen and bumps, bruises and broken bones are often simply part of growing up, our customers can be safe in the knowledge that we’re there for their family should the unexpected happen as they carry out everyday family life.“