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The Launch of Re:Me

We’ve conducted some research and compiled our findings around changes in the workplace and what they mean for employers and employees. Our research recognises the importance of individuals and their needs, so we've named our report Re:Me.

The four chapters of Re:Me showcases the four Rs every employer should be aware of: Recognise, Realign, Reassure and Redefine. Together, these actions highlight what’s shifted, why it’s important employees feel they belong to a company that cares, and how your clients can strengthen this relationship through employee benefits.

We’ve launched the first two chapters, ‘Recognise’, and 'Realign', where you’ll find a number of insights that’ll help you start the conversation with clients. 

Visit our Re:Me page here, where you can read our reports. Keep an eye out for our third chapter, ‘Reassure’ - coming out soon.