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Wellbeing Hub

Discover our range of helpful guides and tools on how the Wellbeing Hub can help to effectively engage employees and create a happy and sustainable workforce.

Financial wellbeing - dealing with money worries

Ahmed has a bright career in engineering, but worries about his debt are affecting him at work. See how the Wellbeing Hub can help him get ‘financially well’.

Mental Wellbeing – resilience to deal with life’s challenges

Juggling a family and a career is taking a toll on Alex’s stress and anxiety levels. But with childcare support and confidential counselling from the Wellbeing Hub, she’s able to get the help she needs to find a balance.

Physical Wellbeing - keeping fit and healthy

Carol’s planning for retirement but is bothered by persistent back problems and a busy working life. She has access to a range of health services through the Wellbeing Hub so that she can enjoy her life after work.