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GP24 – virtual GP access for you at no extra cost

As a MetLife customer holding a MetLife individual protection policy, you now have access to our virtual GP appointment service, GP24, provided by HealthHero.

GP24 gives you unlimited access to book an appointment with registered GPs 24 hours a day, every day of the year, anywhere in the world.

How does GP24 work?

You can book appointment using the online portal - available any time of day or night via the GP24 website. A dedicated customer service team is on hand 24/7 if you have any questions or to support you in booking an appointment.

Customers can choose the best time and day for a GP appointment, whether to have a video or phone consultation, as well as whether to speak to a male or female doctor.

Alternatively, you can choose to use the GP24 online symptom assessment tool, if you are concerned about symptoms you or your loved ones are showing.

24/7, unlimited access every day of the year

Private prescriptions, open referrals, and fit notes

Where necessary, GPs can issue private prescriptions* for collection from a pharmacy or delivery to a UK address. If a GP considers symptoms to require further investigation or treatment, they can issue an open private referral letter for ongoing treatment. If it’s clinically appropriate, GPs can also issue private fit notes.

Second medical opinion – for greater peace of mind

Following a diagnosis it can often be beneficial to seek a second opinion on this and the proposed treatment. GP24 can be used to organise face-to-face, telephone, or video consultations with a specialist consultant. It also gives an opportunity to ask the questions there might be around treatment and the alternative options available.

Experienced, qualified, practising GPs and pharmacists

All GP24 GPs are experienced practicing doctors who adhere to the GMC (General Medical Council) guidelines on remote prescribing. When a GP raises a prescription, it is doublechecked by a qualified pharmacist prior to being dispensed.

* Note: applicable prescription charges will apply on collection or for delivery. The price of a private prescription varies depending on the type of medicine that you have been prescribed and may vary from the NHS charges. NHS exemptions or discounts from prescription charges will not apply to prescriptions issued using GP24.

Watch the GP24 video

This short video from HealthHero – providers of the GP24 service - gives a handy overview of the key benefits to you.

GP24 key benefits

  • Unlimited access to practising GPs
  • Service available 24/7, 365 days a year, wherever you are in the world
  • Choice of video or phone appointments available
  • Book online in minutes through the website
  • Issues private prescriptions for collection from a pharmacy, or delivery to any UK address (prescription and delivery charges will apply)
  • A translation service available for over 200 languages (for bookings made by phone)
  • Covers dependents for full peace of mind
  • Second medical opinion available to all (2 per year)
  • Specified male or female appointments on request
  • Service offered in partnership with HealthHero, Europe’s leading digital-first healthcare provider

How to access GP24

To use the GP24 service you will need the to enter the access code MLGP24 online at the GP24 website. Alternatively you can call the GP24 service line on 0330 043 5198 and give the code when asked. Call charges: calls to 03 numbers will cost no more than calling a standard geographic number starting with 01 or 02 from your fixed line or mobile and may be included in your call package.
Go to GP24 website

Your questions answered

About the service

HealthHero is the company that provides the GP24 service for MetLife individual protection policyholders and is the largest digital-first healthcare provider in Europe. It combines digital convenience with clinical expertise to provide people with fast, remote access to expert clinicians when they need it.

This service is available to all policyholders who have current MetLife individual protection policies (such as life cover, critical illness cover, accident & hospitalisation cover, income protection). The service can also be accessed by the policyholder’s immediate family and dependants (living in the same household).

To be eligible to use the GP24 service, patients must be resident in the UK (inc. Crown Dependencies, such as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), or the Republic of Ireland.

No, the GP24 service is provided free of charge. However, where a prescription is issued, there will be a charge for the medication on collection. The price of a private medicine varies depending on the type of medicine that has been prescribed.

To be able to access the GP24 services, you will be asked to provide:

  • The access code MLGP24
  • Your name, date of birth, gender, address, email and phone number
  • Your GP details

All patient data and records are stored on HealthHero’s patient management system, in a secure data centre which is only accessible with multi-factor authentication by authorised personnel.

Yes. Patient confidentiality is very important and all records remain confidential. HealthHero’s doctors follow clear guidelines about sharing clinical notes with your own GP. When appropriate and with your explicit consent, any relevant medical notes, including consultations notes for any prescriptions or referrals issued, can be sent to your GP.

Yes absolutely.

Patients must not use the service for emergencies or urgent conditions as this may delay necessary treatment. You must contact the emergency services immediately in emergency or life-threatening situations.

No. GP24 access is only given to current policyholders and their families and your entitlement to use the service will end when your MetLife policy ends.

The translation service is available for over 200 languages and needs to be arranged by calling the 24-hour service line on 0330 043 5198. Please note: for reasons of patient safety, prescriptions can’t be issued through the translation service.

Services cannot be provided to women who confirm (upon being asked) that they are or may be pregnant, even if the health concern does not directly relate to the pregnancy. In the event that HealthHero considers that it can provide such services, it shall notify the Customer and the services shall be included as Services from the date of such notification.

About GP appointments and prescriptions

The GP consultations are either by phone, or via a secure video meeting.

Most patients receive the advice, reassurance and, where appropriate, diagnosis they need from the GP24 doctors, however, if their symptoms require a physical examination, or a repeat prescription, they may be referred to their own GP. The service is not a replacement for your usual GP.

Patients can contact the GP24 service as often as needed. The second medical opinion consultation service is limited to 2 per person in a 12-month period.

In line with clinical best practice guidelines for remote prescribing, our GPs are unable to issue long term, repeat medication. Should the patient require repeat prescription medication, it is in their best interests to be seen by their regular GP.

If the patient is in the UK or a Crown Dependency at the time of their consultation and are offered a prescription, then provided it is in stock and the prescription is raised before 4pm (UK time), it can be delivered to an address of their choice as soon as the next working day.

Our pharmacy partner will contact them by telephone shortly after the consultation. A range of delivery speeds are available which they will discuss at the time.

The total cost will depend on the destination and chosen delivery option. Next day delivery to a Crown Dependency cannot be guaranteed and may be affected by local customs regulations.

Whilst the cost of medication varies, there is a minimum charge of £6.50 per item for postage.

There is no P&P for collection of prescription medication at local pharmacies. Medication charges will vary between pharmacies.

This may be possible within the European Union although where a private prescription is issued, please be aware that GP24 will be unable to advice on local pharmacy charges.

GP24 is unable to prescribe if the patient is outside of the EU, United Kingdom (including Crown Dependencies) at the time of their consultation.

The first step of the process is a phone or video consultation with a GP24 doctor to obtain an understanding of your condition and areas of concern, and to assess suitability for a Second Medical Opinion with an appropriate specialist.

If a Second Medical Opinion is appropriate then the GP will capture the required information to initiate the Second Medical Opinion process.

The Second Medical Opinion service has a limit of two consultations per patient, within a 12-month period.

GP24 doctors are recruited via a rigorous two stage interview process with HealthHero’s Chief Medical Officer alongside HR vetting procedures. These ensure that GPs are qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable to an equivalent standard to your own GP. The minimum criteria requires that GP24 doctors:

  • Are currently practising in the NHS as a GP and have at least 2 years’ experience
  • Are on The General Medical Council register
  • Have a Bachelor of Medicine Degree - and those who qualified after 2007 must be Members of the Royal College of GPs
  • Are on the National Performers List for England
  • Complete an annual NHS appraisal
  • Have an enhanced DBS background check

GP24 Services do not form part of the insurance policy and can be amended and/or withdrawn at any time. Insurance premiums are unaffected by the provision of these services and there will be no difference in the cost of the premiums should you decide not to take up these services.

GP24 is a healthcare service provided by HealthHero Solutions Limited, trading as HealthHero.

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