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Be alert – potential scams

At MetLife we take the security of our customers and their data very seriously. Incidents of fraud and financial crime scams are becoming more prevalent in the current climate and we ask all our customers to be vigilant.

Some of our customers have received calls from individuals claiming to be MetLife Agents. Please do not reveal your personal details or MetLife policy details to callers that you do not recognise or are unsure of. If you suspect any fraudulent activity from any call you receive, you should end the call and verify the identity of the caller using a known number. If you are unsure if the caller is a MetLife employee please take their name and telephone number and call our customer service team so we can check the validity of the call.

Targeted scams on individuals through telephone calls, email and websites are usually aimed at obtaining personal details such as bank account numbers or to gain access to personal information.

Some of the scams we are aware of involve customers receiving fraudulent calls which:

  • claim to be a MetLife Agent when they are not
  • assist them with claiming a tax rebate
  • claim to be a law enforcement official asking them to assist with preventing a crime
  • claim to be a Utility Company: e.g. Telephone/Mobile phone provider, Broadband provider, Software company offering to “fix” PC or broadband problems
  • state you have unauthorised transactions on your Card or Account.

The callers may ask you to download an application to give them access to your computer. They will also attempt to trick you into divulging bank account or bank card details in order to access your online banking and make fraudulent payments. Never disclose your bank account details over the phone.

If you have received such a call and disclosed any of your MetLife details, please contact our customer service team immediately.

The following websites also provide useful information to help you protect yourself from fraud: