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Essential protection tailored to your clients

Who’s our new policy best suited to?

We conducted extensive customer and adviser research to understand what’s most important in individual protection. It should come as no surprise, that each client has their own individual needs, so having a policy that helps them feel confident in their daily lives is paramount.

Download our guide here, that outlines the different types of person EverydayProtect is best suited for, and the many ways it can provide the financial protection when your clients really need it.

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What’s new?

We’re committed to offering protection policies that can make a real difference to your clients. That’s why we launched EverydayProtect, a new policy that protects your clients from the things most important to them.

Our fact sheet explains the changes we’ve made – all based on customer and adviser research – to make sure you can provide the protection your clients are most interested in.

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EverydayProtect is just that; for the every day.

It’s something so ordinary that it can be a part of almost any client conversation – part of everyday business. It’s a fantastic base-level product thanks to no underwriting, wide accessibility, and range of optional cover.

Read about the benefits available to your clients.

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Budget-friendly cover

Cover starts from as little as £9 per month, and our range of additional cover options cost just £1 per unit per month – so EverydayProtect can suit a wide range of needs and budgets.

Suits a range of lifestyles

Active Lifestyle Cover protects against full and partial ligament tears*, while Specialist Healthcare Cover protects against specified illnesses for those who work in a healthcare setting.

Fast claims to keep life on track

Financial support for accident and health risk 24/7 worldwide, including broken bones, non-accidental death, and UK hospitalisation – including for pregnancy related complications**.

Family-oriented options

Clients can take out this policy from their 18th birthday to their 64th birthday, while optional Child Cover protects your clients’ children between the ages of six months and their 18th birthday.


EverydayProtect is the essential protection policy that completes your clients' protection packages. It’s the flexible, budget-friendly policy that can protect individuals and their families against the risks they face every day.

To learn more about the benefits available to your clients, download the EverydayProtect interactive product brochure below.

Download here

To find out more about EverydayProtect, visit our website here.

If you’d like to speak to us to learn more, please call us on 0800 917 2221, or fill out the form so we can send you more details.

* Benefit for partial (grade 2) ligament tears is 50% of a full (grade 3) ligament tear.

** Pregnancy related hospitalisation includes hospital stays of at least four complete and interrupted 24 hour periods.