Even when life is running smoothly, the unexpected can happen. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about MetLife MultiProtect to help you decided if MultiProtect is right for you.

How old do I need to be to take out cover?

You can take out this policy from 18 years old up to your 60th birthday and can continue cover up until your 70th.

How much will cover cost me?

Our policies cost between £7 and £35 per month and the price relates to the level of cover you select. There are five levels of cover and the more units you buy the higher your benefits will be. Plus, the cost of your cover won’t change either when you make a claim or as you get older.

I have a medical condition, can I get cover?

We won’t ask you any health questions when you apply and in most cases it won’t matter whether you have had any health conditions in the past (subject to terms and conditions).

Are there any occupations that I can’t get covered for?

There are certain occupations that are not covered under our policy. You can find a full list of excluded professions here.

We also have a list of acceptable occupations under our optional health care benefit - click here to view.  

Am I covered if I travel abroad?

Yes, MultiProtect provides extra financial support for you 24/7 worldwide for a range of specified accidental injuries. However, you can claim for hospital stays in UK hospitals only.