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Confidence to live the life you love.

Get the confidence to enjoy life without the worry of what might happen if you’re injured or need to spend time in hospital. MultiProtect provides quick, no hassle support for a range of accidental injuries and UK hospital stays from just £8 a month.

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Protect your whole family

MultiProtect provides financial support for you 24/7 worldwide by covering a range of injuries from broken bones to those that could have a significant impact on your life. You will also be covered if you have to spend time in a UK hospital and, with our extended cover options, you can protect your children as well.

You’ll have unlimited access to our professional Wellbeing Support Centre, which is provided by Health Assured, offering a wealth of helpful resources and dedicated telephone support , so you can start experiencing the benefits of a more positive future, today.

MultiProtect pays a lump sum for:

  • A broken bone – caused by an accident
  • An accidental permanent injury including paralysis, loss of a hand or foot or loss of a major organ
  • Accidental total permanent disablement
  • Accidental death
  • UK hospital stays as a result of an accident – from 12 months you are also covered for hospital stays from sickness
  • Funeral benefit
Common Myth busters for MultiProtect

To find out more and for full details of all benefits and exclusions, please refer to your MultiProtect Brochure,  Insurance Product Information Document  and Terms and Conditions


Great value protection

You can pay for the protection you need – cover ranges from just £8 to £40 per month, depending on the level of protection you choose. Plus, the cost won’t change if you make a claim or as you get older – your cover will continue up to your 70th birthday. 

Getting covered

When you take out cover, we won’t ask any health questions. You can take out a policy from age 18 up to your 60th birthday and cover will continue until you reach 70.  

Getting you back on your feet

You will receive UK hospital cover for every 24 hours you spend as an in-patient as the result of an accident or due to sickness,once you’ve had your policy for 12 months.  Protect your whole family

You can add optional cover for all of your children from £1 extra per month. Children are eligible from the age of six months up until they’re 18th birthday, or 23rd birthday while they’re still in full-time education. If both parents select this optional cover, you'll be able to protect your children twice.

To find out more and for full details of all benefits and exclusions, please refer to your MultiProtect BrochureInsurance Product Information Document and Terms and Conditions

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