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Employee Benefit Trends Study

Unlocking the real power of employee benefits.

What are employees really thinking? And how can businesses meet their needs to unlock their productivity potential? This, and much more, is covered in the UK edition of the study.

Delve into the insights to find out:

  • The benefit trends that help employers benchmark themselves
  • Why financial wellbeing is the most emerging theme this year
  • Mental wellbeing becoming as important as physical wellbeing
  • How to make benefits work harder for sustainable growth



Find out more about our latest Employee Benefit Trends Study
Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing emerged as the year's most important theme. Employees are saying that:

  • 39% are living payday to payday
  • 34% are distracted at work due to financial worries
  • 60% are concerned about job security, adding to the felt financial stresses 
Mental and Physical Wellbeing

While embedding and uptake of wellness programmes has improved, there’s now a stark need to give mental health the same level of attention. This is the fastest growing concern amongst employees, saying:

  • 10% place stress in their top three health concerns
  • 86% realise the positive impacts on their health when using wellbeing programmes
  • 13% now see 70 as a realistic retirement age  
Productivity and Sustainable Growth

Productivity continues to be the focus of politicians and business leaders alike. A key driver for improving productivity is better employee engagement. If people love coming to work, their output is raised. Our study found:

  • 75% of employers rate productivity as a reason to offer employee benefits
  • Addressing financial and mental health concerns reduces absenteeism and maximizes focus at the workplace
  • Good benefits communication can help retain staff. Employees looking to move jobs put  ‘improving benefits’ second on the list of reasons they would consider staying