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Investment Bond Portfolio

MetLife's Investment Bond Portfolio

The MetLife Investment Bond Portfolio is a single premium, unit-linked, whole of life insurance bond. You can choose from a range of risk rated investments, enabling you to build a tailored investment, structured around your personal circumstances and your future financial needs.

The Investment Bond Portfolio also allows you to protect your investment with one of MetLife’s guarantee options, which can provide you with the certainty of a guaranteed capital amount, a guaranteed income for life, or alternatively a level of investment protection.

The Investment Bond Portfolio aims to:

  • increase the value of your investment over the medium to long-term
  • let you choose, with the help of your Financial Adviser, a portfolio to match your investment objectives and risk appetite
  • assist you with your estate planning through a trust arrangement, if required
  • provide you with an investment that is flexible enough to meet your needs.
  • invest your savings in a tax-efficient way
  • provide the certainty of a guaranteed income for life through the Secure Income option from age 55 or later
  • provide the certainty of a guaranteed capital amount through the Secure Capital Option
  • provide for your beneficiaries on your death
  • allow you to change your mind at any time.

To find out more about the right option for you, it’s important to speak to your Financial Adviser. You can find a trusted adviser at

The Investment Bond Portfolio is designed to suit everyone from cautious investors to those more comfortable with risk

The MetLife Investment Bond Portfolio is a single premium, unit-linked, whole of life investment bond. You can invest in the portfolio whether you’re an individual, trustee or private limited company.

By choosing from a range of investment options within your MetLife Investment Bond Portfolio, you can tailor your investment around your personal circumstances and financial needs and bring greater certainty to your future. Your three options are:

Capital Guarantee Option

  • guaranteed capital value
  • the opportunity to lock-in growth daily
  • 10 year term

Income Guarantee Option

  • guaranteed income for life
  • the opportunity to lock-in growth daily
  • guaranteed income deferral increase of 5% compound p.a.

Protected Growth Option

  • opportunities for investment growth
  • lock-in a level of growth daily
  • unit-price protection level suited to your attitude to risk
  • access to your money when you need it

Guaranteed Death Benefit

Our Guaranteed Death Benefit provides you with the reassurance that the people you care about will also benefit from the safety net of our guarantees.

Tax efficiency

To ensure that you get the most from your money, we can help you save tax in a fair, honest and efficient way. There are a number of ways you can ensure you only pay the tax you need:

Tax Maximiser Option

This option allows you to withdraw the maximum allowable tax-free amount from your investment each year. This means, if your bond has grown in value, your annual 5% allowance will be recalculated based on your new higher rebased figure, allowing you to take a higher income without incurring a tax liability.

International Bond Option

If you are planning to move abroad before or after you retire, you can take your investment as an International Bond, ensuring you pay no UK tax on growth.

Investment bond portfolio

Please note, the term 'income' refers to withdrawals of capital.

For more information, download our Investment Bond Portfolio Brochure.

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